Pietra Tenera

Aurélie Mertenat


Capture d’écran 2017-09-08 à 13.30.20

Inside a workshop covered in green dust, an old man turns a stone on a machine stamped “Pasquino-Milano”. With a melodious Thai accent, the mother tells of her arrival in Italy. The father evokes his roots, the history of his ancestors and the work of soapstone. The adoptive son envies his friends, their journeys, the risks they take where they only have themselves to blame or thank. As if echoing his doubts, he suffers a fall on his motorcycle. Accidents are repeated from generation to generation, along with obscure forces that bind them together. Much like the spirituality expressed with in Thai culture as well as on the roof of the world that is the “Valteline“, tensions never really reach a breaking point. They are part of a whole and give weight to existence.


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